Medicare Fraud and Abuse Presenter

Central MN Council on Aging

Educate older adults on how to avoid Medicare scams and fraud

  • Knowledgeable of basic Internet tools and functions and able to follow a structured lesson plan
  • Comfortable with teaching older students
  • Flexible with the variable skill level of participants
  • Communicate with the staff of the host facility and be respectful of the space and equipment of the host site
  • Present resources available at,,,  and websites
  • Advise seniors how to protect, detect and report healthcare fraud, abuse and waste and how to track their health care services more carefully 
Who We Are
Central Minnesota Council on Aging (CMCOA) is a non-profit organization designated by the Minnesota Board on Aging (MBA) as the area agency on aging for the 14-county Central Minnesota region.  In partnership with public and private organizations, CMCOA helps older adults age successfully by building community capacity, advocating for aging issues, maximizing service effectiveness, and linking people with information.
What We Do
Where volunteer opportunities are available: Elk River | Big Lake | Becker | Zimmerman | Princeton | Clear Lake | St. Cloud | Otsego
Volunteers are required to: Perform a Background Check | Attend an Orientation | Complete an Application | Complete Special Training
Special training: For those interested in health insurance counseling, there is additional training. Everyone is expected to complete privacy training.
  • Sentence to Serve/Community Service volunteers accepted: NO
  • One time volunteers accepted: NO
  • Age Restrictions: 18+
  • Covid Requirements: NO
  • Valid Drivers License: NO
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