Snacks & Treats for Foster Mom Support Group

The Compassion Connection

7PM set-up

Each month, we host foster moms on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:30PM for support group.  We are looking for volunteers willing to sponsor the night for each month to bring treats to bless the moms coming as a time for them to retreat, relax, enjoy and fellowship with other moms on the foster care journey. Training provided at the time of the volunteer opportunity. Sign up here:
Who We Are
A nonprofit volunteer run organization that helps families and children affected by the child welfare system. 
What We Do
Foster children often come into care with little notice and very few belongings. It’s the foster family’s role to supply these children with basic needs, help them to feel safe and welcomed, and keep up with all of the necessary appointments and paperwork that is required within those first days after a child’s placement. They shouldn’t have to do this alone. As a community, we can help these children, foster families, kinship families, and/or biological families by creating a village of support during their time of crisis. Through generous donors, we provide families with free clothing, winter gear, school supplies, bedding, furniture, and more. Together we can make a difference!
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