Tech Support - helping Older Adults navigate technology (Elk River)

Senior Community Services

3- 4 hours a month

Tech Support needed in Elk River at the Elk River Senior Center and Guardian Angels.

This position is about helping Older Adults navigate the basics of their phones, laptop computers or tablets.  Many questions revolve around basic functions like apps, shopping, telehealth, texting family, social media and emails. 
We hold monthly Tech Clinics at both the Elk River Senior Center as well as around the Elk River area in Senior Living apartment complexes.
These clinics are run as scheduled appointments and if you cannot figure out the problem or concern, we have back up support for the client to call.
Additional Details
  • Come ready to laugh and chat and become friends with the people we serve.
Who We Are
Senior Community Services is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower people as they age and a vision to reimagine Aging by serving compassionately, connecting communities and supporting independence.
What We Do
We help Older Adults stay in their homes and communities by offering support through volunteers who then help with handyperson jobs, raking, snow removal, yard clean up and tech support. 
  • Come ready to laugh and chat and become friends with the people we serve.
  • All that is needed is a good attitude and willingness to show up.
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