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Blog Writer Position Description
Summary: Content Writer volunteers help the Ruff Start Rescue communications team create written content for our blog. We have a long list of topic ideas ready to be worked on, but we are also open to any new content/topic ideas that relate to Ruff Start Rescue, rescues, or animal care in general. 

Time Commitment: Varies. We would ideally like volunteers to work on at least one story per month, but there is an opportunity for more if desired.

Location: Remote

  • Writing blog ideas  in an inclusive and welcoming voice in line with Ruff Start Rescue’s brand guidelines. Volunteers can choose from our list of topics or brainstorm their own ideas.
  • You may use Chat GBT to help write content. Then, we ask that you proof read to sound more like Ruff Start’s voice. 
  • If necessary, research a topic to get more information prior to writing.
  • Communicate with various Ruff Start staff to get further insight in regards to the content (e.g. if it’s an animal health topic, confirm details with our vet team)
  • Optional: if volunteer is comfortable doing so, adding their written content to our website and/or email once complete. If uncomfortable, another team member can execute this end of the process.

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Donations Administrative Assistant
Summary: The Volunteer Donation Admin Assistant plays a crucial role in supporting the efficient functioning of the donation management process within Ruff Start Rescue. Responsible for assisting the development team, the role involves tasks such as data entry, donor correspondence, and record keeping. There is also opportunity to help solicit donations for RSR Signature Events, needs within RSR and our annual auction. Training and support is provided.

Time Commitment: This position will likely take 1 volunteer 4-5 hours per week or 2 volunteers 2-3 hours per week. 

Location: Remote or in the Princeton Office

  • Access a list of donor names via a spreadsheet and compare those names with lists found in several different softwares/locations - keep information up to date in RSR systems.
  • Document possible duplicates in spreadsheet for the Development Assistant to confirm.
  • Review donation reports and send thank you cards to new donors, recurring donors, and donations over a set amount.
  • General data entry from spreadsheets into our donor management system - Network for Good
  • General donor correspondence with donors, anniversary cards, responding to email inquiries, etc. 

  • Must be 18+
  • Reliable access to the internet
  • Must have competency with basic spreadsheet usage 
  • Comfort with searching for information in web-based softwares/databases
  • Proficiency with cross-referencing information
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to keep sensitive information safe

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Event Volunteer Position Description
Summary: Event volunteers are an important part of our events team! RSR has events nearly every week that rely on volunteers to make them successful. Responsibilities may include: talking to the public about RSR and answering questions about volunteer opportunities and fostering, setting up an information table with marketing materials, selling merchandise, and running our fundraising ‘prize wheel’ where guests make a donation to spin the wheel and win a prize.

Time Commitment: Events usually occur on weeknights or weekends and are generally 2-3 hours long plus set up/tear down of the event table. You must be able to arrive 15 minutes before the event’s published start time to ensure you have time to set up the table and welcome fosters. 

Location: Varies at various partner vendors like pet supply stores, breweries, restaurants and other community businesses.

  • Event set up/tear down
  • Greet and assist fosters
  • Greet and assist the public, answer questions
  • Sell merchandise
  • Other duties as needed based on type of event

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Foster Coordinator
Summary: Foster Coordinators are responsible for approving and setting up new foster and foster to adopt homes throughout MN. They will process incoming foster applications in a timely manner and connect them with the applicable Foster Manager, if applicable, once training is complete. This will include daily emails and follow-up phone calls.   

The Foster Coordinator will ensure that the new foster has completed all steps of the training and acknowledged all forms needed. The Foster Coordinator will also make sure the new foster has all the information on fostering and knows who to go to with questions.

Time Commitment: About 5 hours per week is expected to be average. The expectation is to work a minimum of two new foster applications per week, or as needed.

Location: Remote

  • Process new foster applications
  • Connect with the foster to go over any questions they may have
  • Send welcome email and connect new foster with their Foster Manager, if applicable
  • Make sure all steps are completed during the approval process

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Graphic Designer
Summary: Graphic Design volunteers help the RSR communications team create graphics for a wide variety of projects, including but not limited to: digital advertising, social media posts, newsletters, e-newsletters, event marketing, event promotion (both print and digital), website, blog, and other marketing projects

Time Commitment: Varies, this is a project-based position

Location: Remote

  • Create requested graphics, posters, social media posts, brochures, or other designs as requested
  • Quick turnaround time is ideal

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Media Coordinator
 The Media Coordinator will assist  RSR in scheduling foster animals to attend news appearances and opportunities. They would also find volunteers that we comfortable appearing on the news to assist with animal handling during segments. (Remote)

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Owner Surrender Coordinator
Summary: The Owner Surrender Coordinator is responsible for working with local families who need to surrender their animal to Ruff Start Rescue. The OS Coordinator works through the entire process of bringing an animal into the rescue. Beginning with collecting information from the surrenderer (images, vet records), networking the animal in the private RSR Animals Needing Fosters Page, and getting foster commitment. You also may be  asked for help coordinating the transfer of the animal into the rescue as well. Once the animal is with their foster, add them to the website and notify vetting and intake of the new addition.  

Time Commitment: You are required to take at least 2 new owner surrender applications weekly 

Location: Remote

  • Logging into email, facebook and RescueGroups daily
  • Review owner surrender applications and look for red flags
  • Lining up fosters for the animals that are chosen to come into rescue
  • Sending owner surrender agreements
  • Once the animal is with the foster, perform an intake on the animal by adding to the website and sending out an announcement email to intake, vetting and the FM involved

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Vetting Transport Helper

As a vetting transport helper, you will be responsible for attending animal transports (typically dogs) located at the office in Princeton or other locations as necessary (determined based on where animals originate from).  At the transport, you will be responsible for ensuring that the animals coming into the rescue are examined, perform any needed services, and the proper documentation is recorded.  This may include vaccines, microchipping, heartworm tests, nail trims, deworming, flea/tick preventative application, administering heartworm medication, or other treatments as indicated. The role of the vetting transport helper will provide support for the Vetting Transport Lead in all the indicated tasks. 

Time Commitment:
3-4 hours during transport and an additional 3-4 hours in preparation and review/uploading animal records. You must attend at least 2 transports per month, typically on a Saturday or Friday

Onsite and remote


●Assessing sending shelter records for what is needed on day of transport
  • Completing the RSR intake records
  • Performing a PE on the intake animals
  • Providing any vaccines (non rabies) that are needed that day
  • Collecting blood for a heartworm test if needed
  • Applying flea/tick preventatives if needed
  • Administering heartworm medication if needed
  • Making recommendations for a vet visit when needed
  • Cleaning ears, performing skin scrapes, nail trimming
  • Scanning in and uploading animal records when transport is completed.

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